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“Green Power” Samson Multi-Purpose Kit -

For use with the Samson KPE-1304, KPE-1303 & KPE-1301.

Functions of Multi-Purpose Kit (Optional Feature):

  1. •     Produces less pulp in juice.

  2. •     Produces less foam with wheat grass and barley grass juice.

  3. •     Separates seeds when juicing grapes, separates seeds without crushing them.

  4. •     Extrudes Pastas, Nut Butters, Baby Foods, Frozen Fruit Sorbet, Soy Drinks.

  5. •     Grinding Hot Peppers, Coffee Beans, Sesame Seeds.



Samson KPE-1304, KPE-1303, KPE-1301 Multi-Purpose Kit

Pasta Gear

Pulp Free

Juice Outlet

Pulp Free

Juice Screen

Pasta Outlet

Pasta Screen

Samson KPE-1304, 1303, 1301 Multi-Purpose Kit